Wedding Rehearsal Catering

It’s the event before the big event – your wedding rehearsal. And your wedding rehearsal event is not something to underestimate. A wedding rehearsal dinner is often referred to as the groom’s dinner. Your rehearsal dinner provides an opportunity for you, your spouse-to-be, and your wedding party to celebrate the joining together of two families. That’s a big deal, and our Zachary’s BBQ team wants your wedding rehearsal meal to be just as significant and memorable. That’s why we provide delicious rehearsal dinner catering.

Even though your rehearsal is supposed to help answer many questions, you likely have plenty of questions about trying to plan the perfect meal.

When should we have our rehearsal?
How many guests should we invite to our wedding rehearsal, and who should we invite?
What type of food should we serve?
How much does a wedding rehearsal meal cost?

Many of these questions are for you and your spouse-to-be. But we can answer one question – rehearsal catering near me and what should we serve? The answer is Zachary’s BBQ.

Wedding Rehearsal Catering for the Day Before Your Big Day

The wedding rehearsal is essential in the overall festivities before your wedding. After you have your “practice session” at your venue, it’s time to unwind and celebrate families joining. Overall, wedding rehearsals provide an opportunity to accomplish the following:

Break bread as a joined family to be
Offer a warm thank you to all that will be playing a role in your big day
Distribute gifts to your bridal party
Extend a toast to everyone in attendance, thanking them for their love and support of your relationship with your spouse-to-be
Indulge in a dessert before the wedding cake

And the way we see it, a rehearsal dinner should be an event that accomplishes all of those objectives. It also allows everyone to have a great time. A rehearsal meal from Zachary’s BBQ is the perfect solution.

Our authentic Southern-style smoked barbecue is a guest favorite and will likely leave your wedding rehearsal guests asking for seconds (if not thirds).

How to Book Your Wedding Rehearsal Meal with Zachary’s BBQ

We provide transparent pricing, fantastic service, and mouth-watering BBQ that is perfect for your wedding rehearsal.

Our Full-service package is completely customizable.
Our buffet options include southern-style pulled pork, pulled barbecue chicken, slow-smoked BBQ beef brisket, and much more.
Just as with your wedding meal, we can provide an on-site wedding catering team and party staff. That way you can focus on your big day to come and leave the rest to us.

Want a drop-off wedding rehearsal meal? No worries – we deliver! Our rehearsal dinner catering experts can drop off your delicious Zachary’s rehearsal food and set up everything. You and your guests don’t need to worry – we’ll stay or go; it’s up to you.
We can cater to rehearsal dinners of any size.

Contact Us Today for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Catering Needs

Let us help you make your rehearsal dinner one to remember. Not only are we your backyard grill catering experts, but we also offer full-service catering for wedding rehearsals. We’ve got you covered whether you want a barbecue buffet, appetizers, or carving station. Have questions or need help planning the best meal for you and your rehearsal guests?

Contact usCatering Request, and one of our catering experts will help you with anything you need. We can’t wait to be a part of your big day before the big day.