You can’t expect a good harvest unless you protect the garden.
For the farmer, that looks like tilling, sifting, fertilizing, planting, and praying for rain.
For the chef, it means cultivating talent.

You could be the best chef, with the best restaurant, with the best reviews, with the most accolades. But the “best” will implode if the next generation is unable to maintain and grow. This is true for any industry or any movement. There is no Martin Luther King Jr. without Benjamin Mays. There is no Richard Branson without Freddie Laker. No Yves St. Laurent without Christian Dior. Didn’t recognize some of those names? I’ll give you a hint. Mr. King, St. Laurent, Branson, and so many others would not have accomplished their goals without the critical mentor-mentee relationship.

The professors, the doctors, the lawyers, the chefs, and established professionals must cultivate the next generations of teachers, Olympians, CEOs, movers and shakers.
As a community leader I try to practice what I preach.

I do not hire resumes, I look for a good attitude. I will take one “trainable” over ten “know-it-alls.” That is why I’m such a good fan of youth. Young men and women represent the greatest opportunity to make a difference in any profession. Teaching, training, and creating the mentor and disciple relationship is one of the most valuable ways that any profession in any field can give back.

It is the only way, you can support and guarantee a beautiful harvest.

For the culinary professional, teaching and training are quite possibly the most important activity that any chef or hospitality specialist can devote their time too. When I’m not in my kitchens (one of my primary classrooms) I’m assisting, teaching, or working as an adjunct professor in the Culinary Arts Institute, Montgomery County Community College, Drexel University, as an active member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, and this great hospitality program called Leaders for Tomorrow.

This month, I’m supporting Cooks Who Care, founded by Maria Campbell. It is an organization that fits within my most important mission: teaching. September 26th a team of several other culinary professionals, will be teaching courses to support this organization and harvest a bountiful crop of rising professionals.

If you know any young culinary or hospitality professionals please share this blog post. If you are interested in attending here is the link to the event and my course. Use the coupon code: keithfriend for a professional discount!

No matter your stand in life, your job, your position we can all uplift the next generation. Always remember: Each one, teach one.