Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude … and stress, if you’re not careful. In fact, CivicScience showed that around 70% of Americans feel stressed about Thanksgiving with FoxNews stating that 53% of people say that this year will be more stressful than ever. Not only are people anxious about going to shops for ingredients but many are also staying at home. Some of those people are cooking Thanksgiving for the first time which only adds to the stress. Let’s not forget that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of joy. That’s why you might want to order Thanksgiving catering with Zachary’s BBQ so that you can actually enjoy the holiday. 

The Pressures of Thanksgiving 

Most people have at least one story of a Thanksgiving dinner with arguments, mental breakdowns and the sound of slamming doors. Why do we put ourselves under so much pressure when we could simply order Thanksgiving catering

  • High expectations
  • Family personalities 
  • Fear of failure 
  • Doing it alone 

High expectations

The media are very good at showing pictures of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner in the run-up to the holiday. Moreover, we all tend to compare it to last year’s holiday and expect it to be better this year. This image of perfection is highly stressful because life isn’t perfect and things go wrong. So, when they do, people aren’t mentally prepared to cope.

Depending on how many people you’re hosting, there’ll be lots of planning ahead of time. You need to make sure you have the right amount of food but also all the extras that people need when they stay over. That’s why Thanksgiving catering is a gift so that you can focus on yourself and your guests. 

Family personalities 

Some extended family members only get together during Thanksgiving. This creates extra pressure for everyone to look perfect. Then again, families generally have a range of personalities that clash when they get together. There’s the opinionated uncle, the nosy aunt, or controlling sibling who can drive any sane person mad. 

If you’re already making yourself anxious by trying to deliver the perfect meal, family tension can be the final trigger for you to lose control and explode. After all, it isn’t fun being criticized and judged when you’re just trying to make everyone happy. So, why not order Thanksgiving catering and remove at least one source of stress? 

Fear of failure 

Most of us have some fear of failure although some people have a more extreme experience. Either way, Thanksgiving can accentuate this feeling because of family and societal pressures to serve the perfect meal. 

As your inner critic starts telling you that you’ll never be able to achieve that perfect meal, your stress levels will naturally increase. You then risk entering a vicious circle of procrastination and over-worrying. That’s why sometimes, it’s important to hand over the pressures of cooking to someone else. If not for your own mental health then for those around you who will also be impacted by your stress levels. 

Doing it alone 

Even in this modern age, around 66% of women cook Thanksgiving versus 35% of men, according to the American Psychological Association. The study further shows that 70% of women do the washing up. Having to deliver such an important meal alone is enough to stress anyone. 

How many hours of chopping, cleaning, polishing silver do you want to do on holiday with no one to help you? That’s why outsourcing exists. We can’t do everything alone and if we don’t get support from those around us, there’s absolutely no shame in asking for help further afield. 

holiday roast

Enjoy Thanksgiving Catering 

Instead of going through all of the above and wishing Thanksgiving away, try Thanksgiving catering and see how much more enjoyable the holiday can be. You might even reduce those arguments and door-slamming moments. 

  • Personalized catering 
  • Chef-made menu 
  • How to choose? 

Personalized catering with Zachary’s BBQ

Everyone has their special way they like to have Thanksgiving. Is it those particular potatoes or that special sauce? Whatever it is, the good news is that Zachary’s BBQ has a dinner package for your Thanksgiving dinner

Imagine a perfectly smoked whole turkey sitting on your table and the surprise and delight from everyone around you? You can then add all the extras and trimmings that you want including Zachary’s BBQ’s buttery buttermilk biscuits or a whole pumpkin pie for dessert if you wish. 

Chef-made menu

You get to enjoy home cooking with Zachary’s BBQ as if it came out of your own oven. Their Chef, Keith Taylor, takes particular pride in taking time and injecting a piece of his soul into everything he makes. All this is in honor of his grandmother who passed on to him the love of cooking. 

Zachary’s BBQ isn’t just another chain sending out their food “to-go”. On the contrary, they’re a family business that brings the kitchen to your home. That’s why you don’t have to feel guilty about outsourcing your Thanksgiving catering to them. They’ll prepare it with as much love and attention as if it were for their family. Simply bring out your crockery and be ready for the delivery. 

How to choose? 

Of course, there are other options aside from Zachary’s BBQ. You can look up local restaurants, caterers, and even some of the large chain supermarkets to deliver your Thanksgiving meal. It’s difficult to match Zachary’s BBQ who has over 50 years’ experience catering events of all shapes and sizes. 

When choosing caterers, you’ll get a vastly different experience from those who can tailor to your needs. Zachary’s BBQ offers several packages and ala carte options if you just need a side or two. They’ll send everything fully cooked, ready for your oven . You’ll be wowed by how Zachary’s BBQ makes it easy and convenient to place your order right online.

mashed potatoes mashed maple mashed yams

The True Potential of Thanksgiving 

With Thanksgiving catering, you can sit back, relax and enjoy what the holiday is all about. 

  • Express gratitude
  • Connect with family and friends 
  • Rituals 
  • Positive memories and stories  

Express gratitude

Everyone knows about giving thanks for the food on your table during Thanksgiving but what about thanking yourself as well as your family and friends? That might also mean forgiving some of those people. Either way, expressing gratitude is a key driver of well-being. That’s because expressing thanks allows us to step out of our mental stories, even for a short while, and think of others. 

With Thanksgiving catering, you have time to be grateful to each other which relieves any family tension. Furthermore, neuroscientists have shown that our brains release feel-good hormones, dopamine, and serotonin when we express gratitude. Surely all of this will make Thanksgiving more enjoyable for everyone? 

Connect with family and friends 

Thanksgiving is a time for connecting and bonding. We thrive on social interactions and we generally have a deep need for belonging. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need time alone. Essentially, we all need a strong community around us that makes us feel supported and part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Our brains are wired to connect with others. That’s why the more healthy relationships we have, the more likely we’ll be content with life. So, let’s remove any unnecessary stress from Thanksgiving and build those deep connections with those around us. 


Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday that has been carried out for generations. Every family has its own slightly different ways of doing things that have developed over time. These routines, or rituals, are an important part of social bonding and our overall well-being. They allow us to communicate and share while feeling at ease. 

The good news is that you can keep your family traditions with Zachary’s BBQ. You’ll get everything delivered just how you like it with all the sensory elements that food provides. 

Positive memories and stories  

With Thanksgiving catering, you’re giving yourself breathing space to relax and share stories. Some of these have been passed down for generations and you can be sure will continue onto future ones. With Zachary’s BBQ, you can take the time to listen to those stories. Everyone sits at the table equally with no one panicking on their own in the kitchen.

Be Free with Thanksgiving Catering 

Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone to enjoy. With Thanksgiving catering, that’s more likely to happen as no one has the ultimate responsibility for making sure the food is perfect. Zachary’s BBQ will partner with you to ensure everything is just right. You can then enjoy the holiday as it should be enjoyed by sharing stories and creating happy memories to relate to future generations.